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Automated optical text recognition
Learning system for character recognition
With the MTE Reader from Math&Tech Engineering, texts, logos, barcodes and QR codes can be read and printed.
can be reliably detected and verified on very complex surfaces. Due to the optimal
Combination of recording and lighting techniques with the LASKA framework is the
MTE Reader is able to read almost all types of fonts. It can also read printed,
embossed, lasered or engraved characters on diffuse, reflective and sometimes even
textured surfaces can be recognized.

Furthermore, the teach-in of new products through the use of our LASKA Framework
uncomplicated and also possible for non-image processors. Once taught-in object types
are then automatically detected.
Advantages of the system:

    Only one system required to read arbitrary characters
    Automatic reading of texts, logos, barcodes and QR codes from many objects
    Simple teach-in of new object types
    Suitable for many different surfaces

Examples of use are:

    Reading serial numbers
    Testing of labels
    Verification of logos

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Automated optical object recognition

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