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AICC 2.0 Embedded Vision in Industry 4.0

Smart hand-held measuring device for defect detection and classification with the option of integration into networked production Image acquisition,
evaluation and result display with a single mobile device

The AICC 2.0 handheld device consists of two components: An acquisition unit and a computer unit. The acquisition unit has an integrated camera
with fixed optics and an illumination device. Thanks to the modular hardware architecture, it is possible to develop specific recording units for a wide
variety of measuring tasks and workpieces. The hand-held unit can then be adapted to the respective inspection tasks required without much effort
by means of a quick change.

The computer unit consists of an embedded board, a battery and a touch screen. The AICC 2.0 mobile inspection device detects damage patterns
on components semi-automatically with minimal effort and is therefore particularly suitable for complex components in small and medium batch sizes.

The device is integrated into networked production via a local and a cloud-based server. By creating interfaces to processing machines and components
and by developing and implementing self-learning algorithms, process control and quality control can be made more efficient thanks to greater
transparency, reproducibility and documentation of the measurement results.


  •     Inspection of holes and machining edges in fibre-plastic composites (e.g. CFRP)
  •     Detection and evaluation of imperfections (e.g. delamination, fraying, chipping)
  •     Automatic creation of defect reports (incl. defect size, defect type, evaluation)


  •     Camera and lighting can be flexibly positioned
  •     Mobile, autonomous and easy-to-operate device
  •     Customised complete solution for image processing tasks
  •     Interfaces to processing machines
  •     Communication with server and database via WiFi for data evaluation and logging
  •     Integration into networked production via local or cloud-based server
  •     Interchangeable pick-up head for easy expansion to other material surfaces and customer-specific applications

Hardware and software

  •     Single-board computer with Linux, USB 3.0,
  •     Gigabit Ethernet and ARM Cortex™-A15 & A7
  •     Embedded Halcon and OpenCV
  •     2GB RAM, touch screen, WiFi
  •     Camera18MP RGB
  •     Controlled dark field and reflected light illumination
  •     Battery

Our mobile handheld device has also already attracted great interest from the international trade press and camera manufacturers.