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MTE QSS - Automated optical surface inspection

Learning system for surface inspection


The Quality Surface System (QSS) was developed by MathTech especially for the quality control of surfaces. With its innovative recording technology, QSS delivers data of the highest quality, so that even the smallest cosmetic defects can be visualized clearly and quickly. At QSS, we rely on the best recording hardware, which only contributes to the solution of complex image processing tasks in combination with strong algorithms. Using adaptive image processing algorithms, features are determined from the image recordings. They are automatically weighted and classified. By using learning methods, the algorithms can be adapted to changes and new errors in order to guarantee the best possible recognition rate.

The LASKA framework is used here. LASKA optimizes and trains algorithms on the basis of data made available to the system.

Advantages of the system:  

  • Smallest cosmetic defects can be detected robustly.
  • Fast image acquisition enables inline quality control.
  • New products can be taught in with minimal effort.
  • Can be used for many different surfaces: e.g. metal, plastic, wood and ceramics.

    structural error                                                  scratch                                                              dent


  wooden surfaces analysis              quality Iispection of synthetic mesh