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Waviness measuring system

This system was developed to measure the waviness and geometry of all types of sheet metal (e.g. electrical sheet metal for transistor construction).
A 3D sensor provides data of highest quality so that waviness and geometry can be measured quickly and robustly.

The system can be upgraded with a flexible camera and illumination for surface defect inspection, so that scratches, dents,  machining and texture
defects can be quickly and robustly detected.

By using adaptive image processing algorithms, characteristics are determined from the image captures and then automatically weighted and classified.
By applying learning procedures, the algorithms can be adapted to changes and new errors in order to ensure the best possible recognition rate.
The LASKA framework developed by Math&Tech optimizes and trains algorithms based on data made available to the system.

 System properties

  •     Largest electrical sheet size 1400 mm x 1100 mm
  •     Full width coverage: from 8mm to 1100mm
  •     Vertical resolution: 50μm
  •     Lateral resolution for waviness measurement along the electric steel sheet (direction of movement): <0.5mm
  •     Lateral resolution for waviness measurement orthogonal to the direction of motion (along the coil width): 300μm
  •     Measuring cycle: < 30 seconds
  •     Measurements can be exported to a CSV file for further processing or directly to a database using various protocols (e.g. TCP/IP, EtherCAT, ProfiNET etc.).
  •     Full access to measurement data while production is running, higher-level communication with control systems
  •     Measurement according to DIN EN 10251:1997
  •     The system can be adapted to customer-specific requirements

     Here you have the possibility to see our waviness measuring system in action;

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