Math & Tech Engeneering GmbH

Development with MATLAB

Machine learning, signal and image processing, computer vision and robotics are impossible without mathematical methods. Since we are extremely advanced in development, it is no wonder that we use a powerful tool like Matlab for this.

 What is MATLAB?

  • Extensive and sophisticated development environment and programming language for solving mathematical problems and presenting results.
  • Application in image, signal and data analysis
  • Suitable for modelling and simulation of all kinds
  • Easy creation of extensive and complicated programs by using appropriate toolboxes


  •    Our MATLAB experts are always up to date
  •    Fast, even with large amounts of data, thanks to mature parallelization on multicore and GPU systems
  •    All development tools from algorithms to hardware control and user interface are in one software package
  •    Interaction with other common programming languages possible


  • Adaptive image processing for detection of objects and defects
  • Classification of defects or objects
  • Evaluation and optimization of characteristics for classification
  • Recognition of font and code
  • Creation of user interfaces
  • camera calibration
  • 3D image processing
  • Measurement of distances, angles, roundness etc.
  • machine learning