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Embedded Vision - mobile handheld device

for error detection and classification - Image acquisition, evaluation and result display with a single mobile device


  •     Inspection of bores and machining edges in fibre-plastic composites (e.g. CFRP)
  •     Detection and evaluation of imperfections (e.g. delamination, fraying, splintering)
  •     Automatic creation of defect protocols (incl. defect size, defect type, evaluation)


  •     Camera and lighting can be positioned flexibly
  •     Mobile, autonomous and easy to use device
  •     Tailor-made complete solution for image processing tasks
  •     Communication with server and database via WiFi
  •     for data evaluation and logging
  •     Uncomplicated extension for other material surfaces and customized applications

Hardware and Software




In a first step, all pictures are taken with darkfield illumination and incident light. These individual images are then merged for analysis.

Here are some examples:


delamination, incident light                                               delamination, darkfield illumination



drill bit slipped off, incident light                                       drill bit slipped off, darkfield illumination



fraying, incident light                                                       fraying, darkfield illumination



burr, incident light                                                           burr, darkfield illumination



drilling inclined, incident light                                            drilling inclined, darkfield illumination



skewed deburring, incident light                                      skewed deburring, darkfield illumination



drilling incomplete, incident light                                     drilling incomplete, darkfield illumination